Aux 4 Coins du vin

Aux 4 Coins du Vin is a wine bar located in the center of Bordeaux which opened eight years ago. They asked me to improve their customer experience and think about new revenue levers.

Eight years after the opening of Aux 4 Coins du Vin, the owners wanted to improve the customer experience and set up a survey to find out more about customer habits with regard to wine (purchase, taste, consumption, etc.). Regarding the customer experience in the wine bar, the question was:
How to improve it to stand out from other wine bars?
About the survey, the main questions were: Who are the customers? How do they buy and consume wine outside Aux 4 Coins du Vin?
Improve the tasting experience of customers when they come to Aux 4 Coins du Vin. Design a new shopping experience when customers want to buy a bottle of wine to drink outside of the bar.
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4 months
What I did
I. UX research
• Observation
• Exploratory survey
• User interviews
III. Ideation
• Persona​​​​​​​
• Design Sprint
User validation​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
• User stories
User story I
As a customer, I want to save a wine I just tasted and liked, and be able to order it later when I need it or want it delivered, so I don't have to go to the supermarket or wine shop. I will no longer be afraid of choosing the wrong wine.
User story IIAs a customer of Aux 4 Coins du Vin, I don't want to wait for a wine waiter to be available to recommend a glass of wine and to be confused by all the technical information he sometimes gives.
IV. Generation
• User flow
• Wireframes
• User interface
.Wine sheet
Having information about wine, like food and wine pairing, alcohol, vineyard, conservation, maturation, wine-growing region... 
The user can like the wine or order it by clicking the shopping cart icon.
.Wine search
All the criteria to look for to obtain the relevant selection of wines.
.Search results
Une liste d'un vin sélectionné parmi les critères donnés remplis par l'utilisateur.
.Shopping cart
An order summary with only the necessary information.
IV. Evaluation
• Observation
• Usability scale
• UX scales (meCUE questionnaire)
• User interviews
V. Conclusion
When this conclusion was written, the management of Aux 4 Coins du Vin is actively searching funds to launch the project.
In the meantime, this mission has enabled the founders as well as the members of the team to better understand the tasting and purchase of wine by their customers. This resulted in a better discourse of the wine waiters during their wine presentations, and an adaptation of the opening hours to facilitate the takeaway sale of customers working or living in the center of Bordeaux.
Kobayashi Design would like to thank the managers and founders, as well as the whole team of Aux 4 Coins du Vin, the users and the participants for their trust and their availability for this research.
.What they think about Kobayashi Design
" The audit carried out by Kobayashi Design showed that we could still improve the tasting experience of our customers while developing new sources of growth. " 
Benjamin Bouet, founder and manager Les 4 Coins du vin
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