Being able to learn on a daily basis is the most incredible aspect in the profession of Product designer. Above all, this environment and the methods that form it allow and authorize failure while learning. It's kind of a big kid's job. Except that pen tablets and lines of code have replaced Lego bricks. Beyond simply building a tech product, the profession of Product designer has a double purpose: 
• Build the best possible product experience for the user 
• Add value to a business goal 
Because, let's face it; building a product that works is good, building a product that sells is better. Finally, Product design is a universe where the explorations are multiple and the ramifications towards other subjects are just as infinite; cognitive psychology, social sciences, human-computer interaction (HCI), growth hacking, product marketing... I want to keep learning by discovering new methods, new people, new teams... Let's talk about it.
«  We must design for the way people behave, not for how we would wish them to behave » 
Don Norman
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