Hygi is a digital therapy app helping people with hypertension to stabilize their high blood pressure more easily. Designed with the medical standards necessary to establish a reliable blood pressure measurement, the application aims to support patients throughout their illness.

Hypertension is a chronic disease that affects nearly 16 million people in France. If the disease is asymptomatic, living with it involves taking a daily treatment throughout your life. But this treatment does not cure high blood pressure, it only stabilizes it. Strictly following the drug treatment is not enough to stabilize high blood pressure. It must be associated with lifestyle and dietary measures involving several behavioral changes. They relate to diet, regular exercise, and alcohol and tobacco consumption. Based on these observations, two doctors asked Kobayashi Design to conceive a solution allowing the patient to stabilize their blood pressure more easily by controlling the various factors having an impact on it.
First of all, there is a real problem of therapeutic observance. In concrete terms, in France, in 2019, 55% of patients with high blood pressure were not follonwing their treatment correctly. This non-observance results in an increased risk of stroke, myocardial infarction, heart failure, blindness, kidney problems...
The other major problem is that hypertensive patients must, in addition to following their treatment, monitor their diet and do regular exercise adapted to their pathology. Unfortunately, there is currently no tool to record information related to these different factors and visualize the progress made.
In addition, with regard to high blood pressure, healthcare policies recommend to educate the hypertensive patient about self-measurement. This means that the patient must measure and calculate his blood pressure so that it is within health standards. But today, in 2020, hypertensive patients have no efficient and easy way to analyze their blood pressure. To have a reliable and accurate blood pressure measurement, doctors recommend to check it three times in the morning and three times in the evening for three days (3x2X3), and to take the average of all these measurements. To do this, doctors provide the following document:
This document must be completed and provided to the doctor during regular check-ups. In addition, to allow the hypertensive patient to change his behavior and follow the hygiene rules necessary for the stabilization of hypertension, doctors provide patients with this document :
Create a tool that allows the hypertensive patient to:
 • follow their treatment correctly
 • record and calculate the average blood pressure according to the 3x2x3 principle
 • be able to adapt their diet using a wide choice of low-sodium recipes
 • be able to improve physical fitness using a wide choice of exercises adapted to their morphology
 • be able to follow the evolution and progress of each factor and share it with their doctors
 • Jbe able to discuss their illness with a doctor
 • Jérémy Luscher - intern UX/UI
• Whimsical
• Adobe XD
• Adobe Illustrator
• Adobe Photoshop
6 months
What I did
. UX research​​​​​​​
• Exploratory questionnaire
• Experiment probes
Preparation, delivery and analysis of user interviews
• Benchmark
• Persona ​​​​​​​
• Experience map ​​​​​​​
• ​​​​​​​User flow
• ​​​​​​​Wireframes
• UI design & style guide​​​​​​​
.Home page
When the user lands on the page, they can write down their blood pressure readings.
. Measurement summary
After each day of measurement, the user can follow a summary of all their readings.
To finalize their full analysis, the user can fill in the readings or indications according to the hygiene criteria which have an impact on his blood pressure.​​​​​​​
Once the measurements and the hygiene data have been recorded, the user can see a summary with the evolutions of each criterion.
In order to help him remember to take his treatment, the user can set up his electronic pill box with the details of the drugs to be taken, according to the desired time and at what time of the day or meals (before, during , after). The user can also program treatments related to other pathologies.
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