Easy Endo

Easy Endo is a medical app to help women with endometriosis live better with their disease. Designed by two doctors, this solution allows users to better assess their chronic pain in order to better analyze it. The application also provides information and advice on the disease.

Endometriosis is a chronic disease, poorly understood by doctors and underdiagnosed, which affects approximately 10% of women of childbearing age, i.e. 1.5 to 2.5 million women in France. Complex disease with varied symptoms depending on the women affected, it most often results in pain during menstruation, sexual intercourse, and pelvic pain. It’s also a frequent source of infertility.
Due to its multiple symptoms, endometriosis is a disease that is still too little known, whether among healthcare professionals, but more widely within our society. On a daily basis, the difficulty for women affected by endometriosis is to understand and learn how to manage the pain with multiple origins. To do this, they must tediously write down everything and transcribe this information to their doctor for analysis. The other major issue is the lack of information about the disease.
Two female doctors, specialists in endometriosis and themselves suffering from the disease, decided in 2020 to launch a digital tool that would facilitate the process of taking notes on the pain and symptoms for women with endometriosis. This tool would also provide them with quality information to help them better understand the disease.
Adobe XD​​​​​​​
9 months
What I did
  UX research​​​​​​​
 • Primary research
 • Exploratory Questionnaire
 • Preparation, user interviews
 • Results analysis
 • Benchmark
 •  Ideation
 • Story map
 • Personas
 • Experience Map 
 •  Generation
 • Card sorting
 • User flow
 • Design studio workshop
 • Wireframes (in French)
 • UI
Users use the diary to record the symptoms. Once the data has been recorded, the user can click on summary and see the evolution of the pain according to each criterion.
The user can follow the evolution of her pain and correlate it with different factors such as diet or exercise. The functionality allows you to generate a summary PDF that can be transferred to your general practitioner (GP).
In order to help the user remind she has to take her treatment, she can set up her electronic pill box with the details of the drugs to be taken, according to the desired time and the time of the day or the meal (before, during, after). The user can also set up treatments related to other pathologies.
 • Evaluation
 • Implementation, handing over and analysis of usability scales
 • Implementation, handover and analysis User tests
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