Comet Meetings

Comet Meetings is a new concept of venues for meetings and seminars in Paris, Brussels and Madrid, founded in 2016. The idea of Comet Meetings : blending the culture of innovation, collaboration and new ways of working, to invent the seminar venues of tomorrow.

The idea of Comet Meetings comes in three offers:
Meetings offers the organization of seminars, strategic meetings and corporate highlights with support and many high-end services.
Teamwork is a basic meeting room rental offer, without service, for companies with a work organization wishing to combine face-to-face and remote work, and to be able to meet regularly.
Hospitality by Comet is an offer for large companies and tertiary real estate players. Hospitality by Comet is a unique partner in the design of spaces and the operation of innovative hotel services, making the office a real place to attract talents.
Each offer has its own tool.
For Meetings, the product team has developed a booking platform that allows the user to easily set up his event and quickly obtain a quote that a sales representative than validates at a later stage.
For Teamwork, the product team imagined a SaaS that allows the user to easily book a meeting room, but also to access a multitude of services, or the other sub offers of Comet Meetings (Comet Studio, Comet Hybrid...)
For Hospitality, the product team designed Cosmos, a SaaS that allows offices employees, where the offer is rolled-out, to benefit from a multitude of services (internal meeting room bookings, concierge, news feed and events of the venue, connected lockers...).
The Teamwork and Cosmos products have the same basis.
For Meetings, a complete overhaul was carried out in March 2022 to make it easier to use. The goal for Comet Meetings being to increase the number of annual requests made via the new platform from 30 to 50%.
Teamwork was launched in September 2021 following two observations:
Customers of the Meetings offer book rooms in Comet locations for events taking place two weeks later. At a given moment, some of the meeting rooms become unoccupied.
In the wake of Covid-19, many companies have reorganized their offices to reduce the surface area and opted for virtual work. However, a large majority of these companies need to establish frequent team times, which is no longer possible due to the reduction of their office spaces.
The goal of Teamwork consists then in giving the companies operating with a hybrid model an online platform to book meeting rooms available within a two-week period. This platform comes with several services.
The goal of Hospitality is to be ready for the launch in 2022, following the important works of a venue welcoming the offer. At this time, SaaS has not yet been able to be rolled-out.
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• Notion
• Cycle
• Miro
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Since February 2021
What I do
 •  UX research
 • Primary research
 • Data analysis
 • Preparation, execution and analysis of user interviews (definition of hypotheses and feedback mapping)
 • Taking part of the prioritization of the roadmap
 • Benchmark
 • Structuring of UX research processes
 • Analysis of business and tech issues
 •  Ideation
 • Story map
 • Personas
 • Experience Map
 • Set up and facilitation of collaborative ideation and design workshops
 •  Génération
 • Card sorting
 • User flow
 • Implementation and maintenance of a design system
 • Design studio workshop
 • Wireframes
 • Ui Design
.Cosmos for Hospitality
 •  ​​​​​​​Évaluation
 • Usability Scale
 • User testing and interviews
 • Product Monitoring (Hotjar, Google Analytics, Amplitude)
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