Assise Construction

Assise Construction is a general contracting company created in 2015 by Léonard de Lamarlière. Since its creation, the young company had a logo that did not represent its values. Finally, their communication was non-existent, and it quickly became essential for them to have a website to present their achievements. Assise Construction reached out to Kobayashi Design to design its logo and website.

Create a logo that clearly represents the area of ​​activity of Assise Construction. Create a responsive website which presents the achievements of the company and which inspires confidence and professionalism.
• Planning (benchmark…)
Generation (art direction, mockups)
My Role
For this mission, I managed the artistic direction and all the web design. I also coordinated with the engineering team who developed the site.
Adobe XD
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
One month
I. Planning
Above all, this phase made it possible to learn about their expectations, carefully study the competitive landscape in Bordeaux, understand how they communicated, and how their website was built. In agreement with the members of Assise Construction, we were able to precisely define the architecture of the site.
II. Ideation
• Logo
The design of the logo required refining the criteria of what it should represent. The various meetings highlighted several important points :
• Assise Construction is a Bordeaux company.
• A large part of the company's contracts relate to the renovation of private homes.
• In addition to its renovation activity, the company is developing freestone construction, typical of      Bordeaux houses.
• The logo must convey at the same time solidity, seriousness.
After several unsuccessful tests, Léonard de Lamarlière showed us the plans for his future office/showroom, entirely built of cut stone, and it then became evident that this visual should be part of the logo.
• Website
To go further, we conducted a small survey of the market that Assise Construction was targeting: couples, with children or not yet, who planned to buy a house and then renovate it. Thanks to social networks, we interviewed 20 couples. 
• First, out of the 20 couples interviewed, 14 did not know what the job of a general contractor consisted of.
• Finally, people who get into big projects, whether it's renovations or construction, and who get things done, have a terrible image of construction companies.
Here are the words that came up most often in the survey:
"Delay", "Scam", "Opacity", "Not clear", "Fear of being tricked", "Not confident"

To solve the problem of the unknown in the profession of a general contractor, Kobayashi Design imagined answering the question
"What is a general contractor? From the home page of the site, in a simple sentence, the visitor fully understands the role of a general contractor, while reassuring him at the same time. To complete this explanation, we added a more detailed definition in the section 'Our values.'
Finally, we highlighted the importance of the human relationship in collaboration between Assise Construction and its customers. The development of the section 'Our values' ​​also aims to reassure potential customers who would have had a bad image of construction companies.
For the graphic charter of the website, Kobayashi Design opted for a refined and straightforward layout that highlights the projects carried out, the professionalism of the company and the people behind Assise Construction.
III. Generation
Once the persona, the experience map and the user stories defined, we now can generate :
• Mockups
• Mockups
.What they think about Kobayashi
" We needed a new logo and a website. Kobayashi Design has perfectly understood the issues related to our field of activity and has given a professional, reassuring, and human image to our company.  " 
Léonard de Lamarlière, CEO Assise Construction
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